The Chat with Claire Fordham is a podcast where British writer and broadcaster Claire Fordham interviews interesting and inspiring people whom you may not have heard of but should.

   From a good witch to a death midwife, a creative visionary to an exonerated man, all the guests are fascinating. There will be laughter, tears and plenty to make you think. And there will be chats with celebrities, but only if they are really, really interesting.




Life Lessons for Mia Rose – The Latest Book by Claire Fordham

Announcing Claire’s new book Life Lessons for Mia Rose: An Irreverent Guide to Living and Loving Well which was inspired by the birth of Claire’s granddaughter. With love and humor in equal and generous measure, Claire shares her experiences on her own lessons learned.

Praise for Life Lessons for Mia Rose:

“Claire Fordham has a remarkable gift to capture golden, poignant moments in the journey of life’s trials and tribulations by piercing your heart with her authentic, motherly voice. I was deeply touched by her commitment to her family and humanity. Forget “Eat, Pray, Love”, Life Lessons is the best seller every parent, grandparent and teenager is going to want to read and remember for years to come. From the disillusionment of marriage to the rekindling of true passion, Claire pours out her heart with great wisdom and humor.”

Jamie Greene, MFT, Psychotherapist & Life Coach

Available to buy now on in paperback or eBook for Kindle and here on Amazon in the UK 

Plus One

Plus One  by Claire Fordham

Claire is at a crossroads. Married straight out of high school, the now divorced British mom has raised two mostly well-adjusted kids and worked as a journalist. But after a lifetime looking after everyone else she’s ready to live a bit. So she says goodbye to England and moves to L.A. to live with her sister, acclaimed singer songwriter Julia Fordham. Claire’s first job is to take care of Julia’s eccentric dog, Muttley – “a four legged freak of nature.” Welcome to Hollywood.

What follows is a laugh-out-loud story of a stranger in a very, very strange land. As Julia’s “Plus One” – the nameless guest invited to openings and parties – Claire experiences life in the shadow of celebrity where nothing is too surreal. From clairvoyants who get everything wrong, partygoers who are disappointed that Claire and Julia are sisters, not lesbians, Pink Witch parties, legendary icons in the garden, and people whose pets have their own lawyers on a retainer to meeting Hollywood royalty, inventing fantasy boyfriends, playing roadie in exotic locales, falling for the wrong guys and maybe meeting the right man, Claire’s on a roller coaster ride in which no dream is too wild, no adventure too outrageous, and no information too personal to divulge over fashionable coffee. And in a town where anything can happen and usually does, Claire might just find everything she ever wanted…if she can survive it.

Candid, ribald, and sweetly optimistic, Plus One is a delicious tale of Tinseltown insanity and one woman’s journey from Hollywood Nobody to somebody in her own right. This is chic lit at its finest – with the added twist that it’s all true.

Ghost In The Writing Machine The Stay Young Revolution

Who are you going to call? Me.

Not only do I write books, I also help other people write theirs. This used to be called ghostwriting, because co-writers (who whip the prose into shape, check the facts and ensure a consistent “voice”) weren’t credited. But the modern way is to acknowledge their contributions.
Here’s my latest collaboration with the extraordinary and still glamorous health and beauty guru 89-year-old Martha Weinstein, who explains how you too can keep young and beautiful by joining her Stay Young Revolution – without resorting to invasive fillers and cosmetic surgery.