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Ep. 33 – Artist & Environmentalist Dianna Cohen

Artist & Environmentalist Dianna Cohen

In this episode of The Chat with Claire Fordham podcast, Claire interviews visual artist and co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Dianna Cohen.
The Plastic Pollution Coalition has many initiatives but one in particular is something we can all get on board with – drastically cutting down on single use plastics like straws, bags and containers.
They’ve been banned in many places but there is still much we can learn from this environmentalist who has traveled the world looking for solutions to plastic pollution that is killing animals and fish and poisoning our oceans and land.

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Ep. 004 – Exonerated Man Bruce Lisker – Part 1

     In this episode of The Chat with Claire Fordham, Claire interviews exonerated man Bruce Lisker who spent 27 years in prison and his fight for freedom and justice.

Bruce is joined by his wife, Kara Noble Lisker, who began writing to Bruce when she read about his case in the LA Times.

The couple, who married in 2011, talk openly about their relationship and the need for criminal justice reform.

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