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Ep. 30 – Homeless Activists Dr. Marilyn Wells and KamGi & Kyle Finch

Dr. Marilyn Wells

In this episode of The Chat with Claire Fordham podcast, Claire interviews Homeless Activist and Philanthropist Dr. Marilyn Wells, KamGi and Kyle Finch who feed the homeless and “S”, a homeless man.

With 58,000 people currently sleeping rough in LA, one podcast can’t begin to explain the enormity of the issue or discuss all the solutions but we hope that by hearing these inspiring and fascinating people share their observations and stories of what they are doing to help the homeless and in one case, try to escape homelessness, it might inspire you to get involved and help.

It’s a sobering thought that most of us live paycheck to paycheck and are therefore one month away from homelessness ourselves. At the very least, we hope this episode will make us all more compassionate.




KamGi & Kyle Finch

Make a cup of your favorite brew, get comfy and click below to listen…

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